Tith Ngaw Kune

The Chinese water buffalo

Tith Ngaw Kune” – Iron Buffalo Style

The Chinese water buffalo
The Chinese water buffalo

The Iron Buffalostyle from the Chung Family is a remarkable style within the Chinese Kung-Fu society. It is an esoteric style, rare to find and originated from Hakka Chinese in the region of Kong Sai.  According to tradition, students are not only taught self-defense, but also martial ethics, philosophy, moral code and appropriate social behavior. This is necessary to develop a relationship based on trust and fidelity between the Master and disciple and also to obtain enough background information to offer the student the opportunity to compare the characteristics of different styles and also to build up a solid appreciation for the “Iron Buffalo” style.

Through generations, as other Chinese Martial Arts did, the Iron Buffalostyle has been secretly passed on in a Pai.Pai’s” are societies, founded by Masters to teach a specific style.  This is tradition!

Today, it’s not so evident to learn a real and genuine Chinese Martial Arts because:

  • Pai’s” only teach to a limited number of persons;
  • Excellent styles disappeared because of their secrecy;
  • Many styles are diluted by the changes that were made;
  • Modern styles copied their name from traditional styles;
  • Modern styles emphasize more physical exercises than functional fighting;
  • Modern styles are specialised in theatrical performances;
  • Modern styles prefer to teach in the acrobatic way;

The “Iron Buffalo” system is an authentic martial art and will be passed on to carefully selected disciples, as the Old Masters demand.

Benefits of learning Chinese Kung-Fu:

Kung-Fu is an art that can be learned by all kind of people; no matter whether you’re young or old, man or woman,…

We learn Kung-Fu to develop and enhance the:

  • Mobility, strength, dexterity, co-ordination
  • Strength of the cardio-vascular system, respiratory system

Possibility to protect us, our family, and our possessions

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