Relationship Master-Student

Teacher – student relationship:

Chung Si-Gung and Kong Sifu in front of our old Kune kwoon
Chung Si-Gung and Kong Sifu in front of our old Kune kwoon
“Finding a good teacher is difficult, but finding a good student is even more difficult!”

Martial ethics should be learned and applied to be able to establish a good relationship with mutual trust and respect. For being able to give respect one has to be humble. By being humble you accept the fact that there’s a higher knowledge than the one from yourself. Humbleness must stay at all times to have a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship. When real humbleness disappears, the learning progress will slow down or stop. No more room for growth. Modesty will make the student respect his sifu at all times.

It is the teacher who decides what the student should learn, and especially when he should learn something. This is in the best interest of the student. The teacher is qualified to guide the student in his learning process and to let him improve his standard.

The student should happily accept any task or effort asked from him. During the lessons a student must be concentrated, work hard, try to move correctly and try to understand what it is all about. Students shouldn’t lose hope, trust or patience, becoming over-confident or too proud, it will hinder or block their progress.
When the student listens carefully, works hard and takes his time to learn properly, his efforts will be rewarded!

Self-accomplishment is a long-life commitment!

When you don’t like our style, just leave and do something else! Keep it positive, face and conquer your enemy within instead of focusing on the so-called outside enemy! Use your energy in a positive way. The good student is thankful for being able to learn the art from his sifu and the patience his sifu had with him. Let the fruit of your kung fu be happiness!

A Chinese proverb to remember for all the students:


Said otherwise:


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