Teachers / instructors

Tith Ngaw Pai Kung-Fu teacher, Antwerpen, Gent, Breda, Belgium, Netherlands

Instructors and teachers (official list)

Kong Sifu / Galland R. Official Heir
Kong Sifu / Galland R. Official Heir

Kong Han Lei Sifu
Official Heir
Iron Buffalo Fist - Tith Ngaw Pai
Chung Family Branch

Head-instructor/ Tai Sihing

Han (Jow Han Sum) - mobile: +32 (0) 475 939 888


Yves (Yves Cnop)
Farid (Farid Bouhezza)
Mark (Mark Geens)
Mattijs (Mattijs Mallens)


Joris (Joris Diddens)
Jeroen (Jeroen Lammens)

People who are not displayed here, are not recognized as such by Kong Han Lei Sifu and therefore don't have the permission to teach in our Tith Ngaw Kung-Fu Style.
Tith Ngaw Pai strongly dissociates itself from anybody who unlawfully entitle himself as instructor/Sifu of this martial arts style.
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