Hay Kung

Hay Kung: Hay (Cantonese for 'energy')

Hay Kung

Long life is attainable. It is not fiction and can be enhanced by Hay-Kung (exercises to develop and direct Energy).


Hay (Cantonese for 'energy') = first character of 'Hay Kung'
Hay (Cantonese for 'energy') = first character in 'Hay Kung'
Live a life according to ‘Yam and Yeung’ (Yin and Yang), exercise to keep in shape, eat and drink with moderation, stick to a regular day schedule, avoid excessive effort, stay calm, be happy, keep your mind pure and relaxed, stimulate your mind power and control your emotions. Those are the main aspects for reaching that objective.
That is why we have to adapt to our environment and its climate changes. Chinese health exercises such as ‘Hay Kung’ (Chi-Kung), breathing exercises and martial arts have to be practised on a daily basis! Streaming water never gets stuck and door hinges never rust because they are continuously in motion!

Chinese exercises differ a lot from the Western ones. Western sports are very tough on the body while Chinese exercises (Hay-Kung) moderate the body activity by limiting powerful movements and by adapting them to the individual, by teaching the mind to focus on circulating ‘Hay’ (energy) in the body and to obtain mental peace in harmony with nature.

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