Four elements forming Tith Ngaw

The four important elements that lead to the forming of our Tith Ngaw art as we know it today.

  1. The martial art from the martial buddhist monk who taught Lee Tith Ngaw.
  2. The martial art from the Lee family from the Eastern Guangdong province, South-China.
  3. The martial art created by the brothers Lee Tith Ngaw and Lee Kam Kong, who rearranged and structured their knowledge from the Lee family style and the martial monk's knowledge.
  4. The martial art from the Chung family, with Chung A Yan who learned from the Lee brothers, Chung Tjong Wah who learned from his father, Chung Kan Yau who learned from Chung Tjong Wah who said to Chung Kang Yau:
    Although we have numerous forms in our fighting art; in Tith Ngaw the core of the unarmed skills is "Ngo Jeung" and for the armed skills it is "Saam Poen Gwan". That's what it's all about, so; that's what I will teach you. So, we can say that these two aspects are the typical characteristics of our art;
    Tith Ngaw Pai, Chung family branch.
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