Family tree

Tith Ngaw Pai Family-tree, Chung Kang Yau, Kong Han Lei, Jow Han Sum

Family tree

The Family tree is the spine of the traditional Kung-Fu school and something to be proud of. It symbolizes the source of its knowledge and the history that comes along.
Many modern styles are cut off from their roots, mostly because the teacher of such style decides to follow his own way, disregarding the knowledge and ethics of his predecessor.
Traditional Kungfu-schools are convinced that a tree cannot grow strong without its roots and therefore think it is necessary to respect their source of knowledge.

Over the years Kong Sifu has permanently searched out the history, background and theory of his Tith Ngaw art. Therefore he made many travels abroad for seeking knowledge of different persons from the Tith Ngaw art. Kong Sifu was welcomed everywhere and had the opportunity to learn indepth knowledge and historical facts. The reason for doing this was to make the art of Tith Ngaw Pai as profound as possible, and; in the interest of his students and future generations. Any information or connection of questionable character is removed. So, in the present times we can proudly present our genuine family tree.

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