About Kong Sifu

About Kong Sifu

Kong Sifu / Galland R.
Kong Sifu / Galland R. in Hong Kong

Kong Han Lei/Galland R. was born in 1954 in Antwerp, Belgium. He is one of the first pioneers of Chinese kung-fu in Belgium and started his kung-fu career in 1971 in the Chinatown of Antwerp, Belgium. In 2016 at the age of 63 he is still teaching in Belgium, Holland, England and Hong Kong.

Due to his close contact with Chinese people and his gentlemanly behaviour, he was exposed to several Chinese martial arts during his lifetime. Some were studied superficially, others more thoroughly. There were also several challenges which took place in and out of his kune-kwoon.
Things preferably got settled through 'toc saw'; fighting without actual fighting during a confrontation or challenge. Or, unfortunately, through 'kong saw' where forceful crossing of hands could lead to serious damaging results. 'Toc Saw' is the more sensible way!
All of this happened in the founding period of our kune-kwoon and later on in our Chinatown-based kune-kwoon. Kong Han Lei coped with all this and was left undisturbed during his career.

Kong Han Lei lived regularly in Taiwan, England and Hong-Kong to go more deeply into the study of his martial art and to learn more about Chinese culture. For more than 35 years he yearly travels to Hong-Kong to visit his martial friends and martial family. Since 1999 he yearly visits his Sifu's grave to give respects toward him.

So, during Kong Sifu's life-experiences it is the art of 'Tith-Ngaw' which came to the foreground most prominently and plays the most important and central role in his life. He became the official heir and lineage head of the 'Tith-Ngaw Pai Chung family branch', recognised as such by his Sifu Chung Kang Yau and the village elders from Man Uk Pin village in Hong-Kong.

It is Kong Sifu's wish that his students become better than him, that the Tith-Ngaw art may flourish and that it can stand strong in the martial forest!

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